First aid relief volunteers arrive home

The first volunteers taking aid from Richmondshire to help those affected by the war in Ukraine have arrived home.

Kevin Taylor and John Coutts arrived back this morning after their 2,000-mile trip.

The pair, both retired lorry drivers, set off on Tuesday morning with ten other vehicles which took donations collected at Colburn Village Hall.

The convoy took the ferry from Dover to Calais before heading across Europe to Poland.

Kevin, 68, from Richmond, said the trip went without any hitches.

“It was good – we didn’t have any problems at all.

“We’re both retired lorry drivers and so used to the distances involved.”

The pair said they did not come across any traffic jams until they got to Doncaster on the return journey.

The donations were given to a team of firefighters in Poland who are distributing aid in Ukraine.

Kevin said the pair, who took a van lent by another support of the appeal, would be happy to make the journey again if required.