First bricks laid for Friarage Hospital’s new surgical hub

James Dunbar and Rishi Sunak on the Friarage surgical hub site.

Friarage Hospital’s new surgical hub is starting to take shape with the first bricks now firmly in place.

Rishi Sunak, MP for Richmond, had the honour of laying one of the first bricks on Friday 15 March.

He was joined by Sarah Baker, head of clinical services for peri-operative medicine, theatres and critical care medicine, and James Dunbar, clinical collaborative chair for the Friarage and community services, who also had the opportunity to put their brick laying skills to the test.

The new £35.5m surgical hub, which is due to open in 2025, will enable the Northallerton hospital to more than double the number of planned operations it carries out each year.

It will replace the hospital’s five existing operating theatres with a modern surgical hub that will include six main operating theatres, two minor operating theatres and a surgical admissions unit and day hub.

The structural steel framework of the new building and concrete floor slabs are now complete, with façade brickwork, steel framing and cladding systems to all elevations currently in progress.

Rishi Sunak, MP for Richmond (Yorks), said: “It’s fantastic to see the work that has already been completed on this important project for the future of our Friarage Hospital.

“I look forward to seeing it finished early in 2025 and operating by the spring of next year. The surgical hub is a vital element in the development of the hospital, ensuring that it continues to serve our community and bringing hospital services closer to patients.”

James Dunbar said: “It is fantastic to see the first brick being laid in our surgical hub which will provide world-class facilities for our patients for decades to come.”

Sarah Baker added: “The new surgical hub will be an exciting to place to work, in a fantastic new environment.

“It’s an opportunity for the local population to have their operations closer to home and benefit from state-of-the-art facilities with market-leading technologies.”

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  1. Will the Frirage still send everyone to James Cook for everything and say it can’t do anything, maybe while at building they should include a helicopter pad to take the strain of JC and Leeds and make more use of the Frirage than a glorified nursing home.

    Also putting the A&E back into the Hospital might help the Dale’s and West of North Yorkshire moors, like saying by a ambulance crew which Hospital you want to go to Darlington or Middlesbrough when need to go to hospital yet Frirage is round corner.

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