Fitness instructor launches second STRONG by Zumba class

Karolina with members of her Strong group.

A fitness instructor has launched a second class to meet demand for a relatively new high-intensity workout.

Mother-of-three Karolina Grochalska started running STRONG by Zumba in Leyburn in May 2017.

STRONG was first launched in the USA in 2016, 15 years after the original Zumba was introduced.

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But while the original Zumba has participants dancing, STRONG uses burpees, pushups and “core engaging floor exercise”.

Karolina, 37, said: “It is HIIT type training led by synchronised music – 60 minutes of bodyweight high-intensity interval training with elements of martial arts.

“With this workout, you’ll not only sweat like there’s no tomorrow, and feel your heart pounding in your chest, but you’ll feel like you’ve flexed every muscle in your body. It is challenging and you finish feeling like a champion.”

She added: “My class in the only one in the area – second nearest one is in Darlington.

“I first launched it in May 2017 with a session at Wensleydale Rugby Club in Leyburn at 7pm and is has been a great success with every class fully booked each week.

“In January I started a second group – every Thursday at 6pm.

“My students are of all fitness levels, ages, shapes, both female and male – STRONG by Zumba allows switch outs for certain moves, so instructors can offer a variety of intensity levels.”

Karolina said she got great feedback from students.

“They say this class has not only changed them physically but mentally too.

“I know exactly how they feel as I participated in my first STRONG by Zumba class three months after giving birth to twins.

“I felt weak, I could not follow everything instructor was doing, and needless to say being a parent to three children under three can be stressful.

“I built up my strength, stamina and confidence back in no time.

“This program was certainly life changing for me, I feel both privileged and grateful to be teaching it and meeting great people every week.”

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