Fitness studio plans charity walk to help local youngster

Members of Richmond-based JP Personal Training Studio are planning a charity walk to help a little boy with health problems.

Jack, 9, from Richmond, has been diagnosed with autism and has profound learning disabilities.

He is currently undergoing intense therapy to help him better understand the world around him.

This therapy is not available on the NHS and is very costly for his family.

Jessica Perrin, owner of JP Personal Training Studio, said: “For the last three years I have set herself a challenge each year to push myself both mentally and physically out of my comfort zone and this year I’ve chosen to support this amazing family.”

After speaking about her challenge in the gym, she had a lot of members also express an interest, so now there a group of 10 to 15 members are in training for walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks in May.

Jessica added: “Thankfully the group have a range of experience and skills.

“Some are leading the front with navigation; some are keeping the group energised with sugary snacks and some are keeping spirits high with endless banter and motivation!”

Hayley Birkbeck, Jack’s mother, said: “Jack is undergoing therapy to help him learn how to best understand his body and his feelings, where he can learn coping strategies to allow him to better regulate himself so his is able to live his life with less stress and better communication and learning.

“Sadly, this sort of therapy and sensory profiling is quite costly and not covered by the NHS nor can it be covered by any funding by charities.

“Jack is going to need a good few years of therapy to improve his life and skills so we are hoping to fundraise some monies towards the cost of this lengthy but worthwhile process. Any donations big or small are greatly welcomed and you will be making a huge difference to the development of our gorgeous little boy.”

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