Five-year-old uses first aid training to help grandmother after fall

Lilly with grandmother Janet Cook.

When five-year-old Lilly Cockburn was taught first aid at school she paid very close attention thankfully.

For soon after the lesson at Hunton and Arrathorne Primary School, Lilly was able to use the skills she had learnt to help her grandmother.

Janet Cook, 61, was walking her granddaughter home when she fell over hurting her leg.

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Lilly didn’t panic. Instead she remembered what she had learnt and tried to put her in the recovery position.

Thankfully Janet was able to walk home. But once back Lilly was again able to use her new skills by creating a cold compress with a bag of peas and a tea-towel.

Lilly also knew to ring 999 for help, although in this case an emergency call wasn’t needed.

Lilly said: “A lady came into the PE lesson and taught us about first aid and I practised with my teddies.”

Days after the incident Lilly’s grandmother suffered a stroke. She is now recovering but the family believes the fall was connected to the stroke and shows how serious it could have been.

Mum Claire Cockburn, 28, said she was very proud of her daughter.

Claire said: “She did really well.

“I can’t believe how clam she was. She has learnt skills for life.

“I’ve been into the school to say thank you.”

The first aid training was provided by Vicki McGee, community outreach and development manager at Richmondshire Leisure Trust.

If your school would like more information on the service, email Vicki at