Flood advice and assistance offered to residents of Yorkshire Dales

Sandbags in Grinton when the area was hit by flooding in 2019.

Yorkshire Dales residents and business owners are to be given advice and assistance on how to better protect their properties from the effects of flooding.

North Yorkshire Council’s flood risk officers are inviting people from the Arkengarthdale, Bainbridge, Bellerby, Reeth and Fremington, Grinton, Hawes, Leyburn, Redmire, Spennithorne and West Witton areas to a public event on April 26 in Leyburn.

Officers will be on hand in the town’s Market Place between 7am and 4pm along with representatives from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, JBA Consultants, Watertight Ltd and the Environment Agency.

More than 200 properties in the Yorkshire Dales were affected by flash-flooding in July 2019 when a month’s rain fell in just four hours.

Those who attend the event this month will be able to find out what Property Flood Resilience (PFR) modifications can be made to their homes or businesses to protect them from flood water.

North Yorkshire Council’s corporate director for environment, Karl Battersby, said: “Flooding is a terrible experience for anyone to have to go through and events like this are sadly becoming more common.

“Anything that can be done to mitigate their effect is welcome and I would urge residents to come and speak with us at this special event.

“You will be able to find out about the work we are doing and the measures you can take to protect homes and businesses.”

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  1. This flooding problem needs sorting in a big way with big investment not just as sticking plaster.

    Have the powers that be never thought of damming some of the small valleys in upper Wensleydale so man can control the flow’s of water running in to the the main river this must help stopping flooding in lower Wensleydale and all the way to York and beyond.

    Also with these dams in place we could maybe be able to produce electric when it is needled most in the winter time when highest flows of water run down the becks.

    Water is very powerful when it runs down from those hills which needs putting to good use as they did years ago.
    Not that many years ago most villages in Wensleydale had a water driven mill and many of them had two or more such as Hawes Bainbridge Askrigg Wensley which all had more than one mill working to name just one or two.

    Forget the windmills in this area as water can be controlled by man when it is needed and is very very powerful when falling from them hills and could be put to good use generating power which would help to pay for them installation costs over time.

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