Flood water causing problems on district’s roads

Flood water isy causing problems on the district’s roads today.

Flood water has now been cleared from the A1 near Catterick.

A lane was closed in both directions near the Catterick central junction and motorists faced long delays with three mile tailbacks reported.

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Highways England says contractors are working to remove the flood water.

Traffic queued at Scotch Corner.

Trafic is also slow at the Scotch Corner junction.

At least two cars got stuck in floodwater at Brokes near Richmond this morning.

Two young men took their shoes and socks of two push a woman’s car out of the water after it stopped.

Motorists were however able to drive through the flooding if they kept to the side of he road.


  1. This is stupid, all that and time money to update the motorway and it now floods!!

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