Flowers, fizz and fun at Leyburn Arts and Community Centre

Flower Arranging demonstrations. Not, you would think, the sort of thing that gentlemen very readily embrace. So the audience reaction at London’s Garden Museum – ‘Even the gentlemen said how much they enjoyed themselves’ – is pretty striking.

The demonstrator who persuaded the gentlemen that floral art is enjoyable was Nick Grounds, who is coming to perform at Leyburn Arts Centre on March 3. Not just the gentlemen either: the ladies of Skipton gave him a standing ovation.

Performance is the key word. Nick Grounds is a seasoned auctioneer when he’s not delivering demos around the country: he enjoys the cut and thrust of an audience, and brings his auction room banter to the stage.

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His demos are entertainment. But he also has a highly skilled way with flowers, and is a fully qualified NAFAS demonstrator. HM The Queen was delighted to be photographed in front of one of his arrangements. He works quickly and quietly, so that you hardly notice what is happening until Hey Presto! there is a glorious confection in front of you.

Flowers, Fizz and Fun at Leyburn Arts and Community Centre on March 3 is a chance to see one for yourself.

Nick brings £300 worth of flowers with him, so there is never a dull moment, and at the end of the evening the flowers will be auctioned off in aid of the work done by the Centre.

Come and see why the ladies of Skipton gave him a standing ovation, and enjoy a glass of fizz with Nick afterwards. Tickets are available online at, by phone from 01969 624510, or in person from Leyburn Arts Centre in Richmond Road.