Fly-tippers fined £1,500 for dumping waste at recycling centres

Photo: Jaggery.

Fly-tippers have been fined £1,500 after being caught illegally dumping waste at Richmondshire recycling sites.

The district council is using covert cameras at known trouble spots as part of a crackdown to catch people that unscrupulously dump rubbish at the local sites.

The cameras caught five cases – each resulting in a £300 fine for those responsible.

They were caught on camera dumping TVs, computer monitors, garden waste, fridges, a bed, carpet and toys.

Council spokesperson, Councillor Philip Wicks said: “We urge residents to remember that it is their waste and therefore their responsibility to dispose of it correctly.

“If it’s found dumped they will be held responsible and could face a fine,” said

“Our cameras are watching known troublespots – and we will take action when they catch fly-tippers.”


  1. Good work. Dumping waste only shifts the cost of disposal onto everyone else, using up valuable public resources.

  2. Am I being a bit stupid here? While I appreciate the rubbish hasn’t made it to the actual skips, am I right in thinking it is at least by or near the gates? If you fine people £300, won’t they go and dump their rubbish where there are no covert cameras? Proper flytipping creating an eyesore on the landscape and making more work to clear up? Maybe the people who left it did the best they could because the tip wasn’t open when they turned up?

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