Former England star makes appearance on Catterick school’s CovidCam

Peter Crouch on Le Cateau School's Covidcam.

Former England footballer Peter Crouch has made a guest appearance on a Catterick Garrison school’s daily video bulletin.

The star appeared on Le Cateau Primary School’s ‘CovidCam’ on Friday, which is being broadcast via YouTube to keep the school community together during the coronavirus outbreak.

The daily bulletins are being put together by headteacher Ian Mottram.

He said: “Staying part of our big family was really important to me as we closed the doors two weeks ago.

“The idea came from there really as I knew we had to keep everyone connected and what better way to do it than by short daily videos.

“I kept it quiet to start with and hadn’t told any of the staff about my intentions but once I played the first CovidCam it grew and grew.

“And now people are sat waiting for the next installation.”

The bulletins feature staff in fancy dress, jokes and brain teasers, as well as shout outs to pupils and their families.

“For the children, seeing the faces of the staff members over the last week has been important and this has really hit home with the children and parents.

“In fact, the first day I shared some ‘hello messages’ I had parents commenting as to how emotional they were and how moved they felt by it.

“This shows how important we all are to each other. Pupils, parents and staff.”

Headteacher Ian Mottram appears on the CovidCam.

The head said said staff were also using the videos to share positive messages.

“This is something we have been doing a lot of over the course of the school year. I started it back in September running a weekly shout out assembly.

“So when the daily video started I wanted to continue with the idea and it has really worked.

“I am now bombarded with messages on a daily basis which is great. Comments about how well individuals are doing or how families have been united in these unknown times has been great.

“We have brothers and sisters helping each other in their learning that would not normally get the chance to do it.

“We have parents trying out things they have never done before and the levels of learning have gone though the roof. And we have children sharing their random acts of kindness.

“The ultimate aim for me was to keep spirits high and I certainly think we have done that. I have had messages pouring in from all over the country about the daily CovidCam.”

The school has also been participating in the sock challenge, with a pair of socks being thrown from message to message.

And on Friday, former football Peter Crouch made a guest appearance.

Mr Mottram said: “One of my staff knows Peter Crouch and she managed to get him to record a little clip that I sneaked in.

“I was very pleased with this and I know many of the older pupils will be impressed that a former England international has sent them all a message.

“Mrs Horvath’s⁩ street cred will have certainly shot through the roof.”

You can watch the videos here. [KOKI]