Former nurse wins award for soaps she learnt to make while recovering from cancer

Amy D'Arcy.

A former nurse has won awards for soaps she learnt to make while recovering from cancer.

BEAM natural body care has been given three awards in the soap bar category at the 11th annual Free From Skincare Awards.

The awards are open across the UK and Europe and were founded to encourage and reward creators of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, preservatives, additives and fragrances associated with skin sensitivities, allergies, and ethical, environmental and health concerns.

The business was launched last year by former mental health nurse Amy D’Arcy.

Amy D’Arcy, founder of BEAM, said: “I am absolutely delighted that my ‘naked’ and ‘sunshine’ natural soaps have been given this recognition.

“I launched my business just one year ago and specifically formulated my soaps to be gentle and entirely natural.

“I use only natural colourants such as clays and botanical infusions to colour my soaps.

“They are scented with beautiful unique blends of pure essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrance oils.”

The awards were announced earlier this month after a lengthy testing period of one month by four experienced cosmetic testers to each product.

This was concluded by a round table expert judging panel, held in June.

Amy previously worked as a mental health nurse for the NHS but became unwell with breast cancer, aged 36.

She said: “During my recovery, I learned the age old method of cold process soap making.

“I was interested in creating the best possible product, free from potentially harmful chemicals that many of us are exposed to daily through environmental factors, cosmetics and cleaning products.

“I also have great concern for the environment, so my packaging is plastic free and I don’t use essential oils from endangered species.

“I now have a range of 11 beautiful soaps, a line of pampering face masks, and am about to release some sumptuous whipped body butters.

“I am currently formulating shampoo bars, bath soaks and natural deodorant.  Maybe I will enter those in next year’s awards.”

Amy’s products can be found at and are also stocked at Strickland & Holt in Yarm, Earth Unwrapped in Northallerton and Grow Refill in Huddersfield.