Former racehorse retrains in Western-style riding

Emma Lonie and Midnight Robbery.

A horse trainer is helping a former racehorse have a new career in Western style riding.

Emma Lonie hopes her work to retrain Midnight Robbery will show that racehorses can have successful careers after their racing days are over.

Western trainer Emma, from Emma Chapman Training Ltd, based at Burrill, is being sponsored to retrain the horse, with money raised going to Great North and Yorkshire air ambulance services.

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The horse was sourced by Thirsk-based trainer Bryan Smart.

Emma said the four-year-old gelding’s training was going well.

“We have had a fantastic summer.

“He took to the Western style of riding like a duck to water.

“It is much more relaxed style of riding, encouraging the horse to work more off weight aids and leg aids rather than reins.

“To top off the summer we entered our first competition held at Askham Bryan College, at the end of September.

“And what a fantastic show it was. Midnight was placed in all his four classes, with two firsts in pleasure classes, second in a ranch horse class and a third in a western trail class – I couldn’t have been prouder.”

Emma said they were now looking forward to a winter filled with demos to promote more Western riding and show everyone ex-racehorse really can do it.

Baileys horse feeds have sponsored the venture and have donated feed.

Emma added: “After a friend fell ill and the Great North Air Ambulance played a huge part in saving her, I decided that if we could raise funds for this important service it would be a wonderful idea.”

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