Former RAF serviceman travels to Arctic Circle in taxi bought for £400

Paul Mason.

A former RAF serviceman from Northallerton is returning to the UK next week after completing an epic challenge raising money for three military charities.

Paul Mason, 61, was challenged to drive the least appropriate vehicle costing under £500 and go beyond the Arctic Circle.

This week, after setting off on Valentine’s Day, Paul and his £400 taxi reached the target destination of Narvik.

After battling the weather, an unexplained oil guzzling spell and getting stuck behind a snowplough, Paul reached the Arctic Circle on February 18 before traveling a further 215 miles to Narvik.

He describes getting emotional for no apparent reason on arriving, after driving for almost 42 hours and covering over 2,000 miles across Europe.

His goal is to raise £2,000 for three lesser-known military charities, Blind Veterans UK, Blesma, which works with limbless veterans, and the Veterans Hearing Foundation.

While the primary goal is to raise funds, the secondary aim of the trip is to raise awareness of each organisation and the vital work they do.

One is slightly more personal as after Paul suffered hearing loss, he was helped by the Veteran’s Hearing Foundation.

He’s thrilled by what he’s accomplished so far.

“It most certainly is an achievement especially in this weather and with this type of vehicle.”

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  1. Bonkers! The whole enterprise must have cost far more than £2,000 and free publicity for charities is available on the pages of publications such as this one!

  2. P.S. No thought to the damage done to the environment by thousands of miles of totally unnecessary driving. 🙁

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