Former Risedale student returns to inspire pupils about technology

Brandon Bell, left,with Risedale design technology students, and design technology teacher Jordan Dodsworth.

A former Risedale student has returned to the school to inspire students about new technologies

Entrepreneur Brandon Bell gave a presentation to design technology students, demonstrating a state of the art 3D laser scanning (LiDAR) device.

The kit is £30,000 and while Brandon spoke, the laser scanned the room collecting data, measurements and photos to later create a virtual 3D model of the classroom which the students could explore.

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Brandon explained that this type of modern technology is being used for many real life applications such as helping architects and designers to improve their designs for the built environment.

This new technology potentially makes traditional surveying work a thing of the past by increasing the accuracy of surveys and speeding up the process.

He showed the students how computer-generated spaces will allow us to have virtual meetings, bringing people from all around the world together in a simulated reality.

A 3D scan of the Risedale classroom.

Brandon said that this technology was also being used for TV and film such as the new Spiderman movie.

Special effects teams were able to utilise 3D modelling of famous locations and combine them with CGI to create virtualised scenes within real locations.

He also showed the students a video clip from the BBC’s recent programme Italy’s Invisible Cities and explained that the same technology was able to accurately create 3D reconstructions of Naples, Venice and Florence from Roman times.

The students were amazed to see that the technology that was stood in their classroom was actually being used for such thought-provoking and innovative projects.

Brandon has worked all over the world for some of the biggest international companies delivering projects such as Amazon’s new UK headquarters and is currently based out of the Google campus exploring new opportunities for his company 10d.

Risedale principal Colin Scott said: “I’m sure that Brandon’s visit to Risedale will undoubtedly inspire our students and hopefully broaden their horizons in terms of their future aspirations.

“He’s a credit to Risedale and we look forward to sharing his future successes with more of our students when he visits us again.”

Brandon said: “It’s been great to me back to Risedale after leaving more than 20 years ago. It’s been a pleasure to speak to the students and I wish them every success for the future.”

If anyone is interested in finding out more visit where the 10d Team have created a Geek Zone for people interested in exploring new opportunities for this technology and for other interesting technology links.