Free parking to continue at White Shops in Catterick Garrison

The car park at White Shops, Catterick Garrison.

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Richmondshire District Council says free parking at its Hildyard Row car park at White Shops, Catterick Garrison, will be extended until the road improvements are completed.

The council has been advised that the road junction improvements will not be completed until November.

Colin Dales, Corporate Director, explained: “We introduced free parking at our Hildyard Row car park in response to concerns of the local community and are pleased to confirm that free parking will continue until the road works are completed.”

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North Yorkshire County Council announced this week that the junction work will finish almost a year after the scheduled completion date.

North Yorkshire County Council said it had has persistently requested Vodafone to commit to a date to relocate cabling from the works site so that the council and its contractors could finish the junction improvements.

The final junction upgrade at White Shops – the junction of Catterick Road, Byng Road and Horne Road – began last autumn but has been beset by delays.

It was due to be finished in early July but delays in alterations to major cabling belonging to Vodafone have now meant that this date is achievable, the council says.

It added that it had sought a date for the cabling relocation so the junction could be finished, however Vodafone failed to give a definite date for moving the cabling until 9 May.

The company has now said the cabling will be relocated in the middle of July.

But because other major works cannot take place until Vodafone has completed the task, the junction completion has had to be put back to November. Discussions are continuing with the company to try to improve upon this date, officials said.