Fresh milk vending machine installed in Leyburn supermarket

A fresh milk vending machine will go live in a Leyburn supermarket this week.

Shoppers will be able to purchase fresh pasteurised milk — with the cream on top — following the launch of the machine at Campbell’s on Friday.

The machine has been developed by Aysgarth-based company The Home Farmer.

Customers can purchase their own glass bottles in store that can be refilled whenever they are in the shop.

Two sizes of bottles — a litre and half a litre — will be available.

Customers can also buy a loyalty key which will load credit for future use which saves time at the checkout.

The milk is pasteurised but otherwise unprocessed, so the cream still settles on top.

Customers can also create their own milkshakes by adding one of three flavours — strawberry, chocolate and banana.

Kath Campbell, owner of the supermarket, said: “This is a fantastic idea where our customers can get fresh milk direct from the farm.

“We are happy to support The Home Farmer and we see this being a great product for our customers — the milk shakes are fantastic by the way.’

The farm is owned and run by brothers Ben and Adam Spence, along with Ben’s wife Sam and their parents David and Susan.

They own 100 cows which graze outside from April to November.

Each of the cows are known by name.

Ben said: “Campbell’s is a brilliant supermarket for finding high quality local food.

“We love the way they support local businesses and we’re delighted that they want to stock our fresh milk.”

The farm also makes a Wensleydale Cheese called Old Roan that is popular with the public and is also stocked by Campbell’s.

For more details on the vending machine click here.

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  1. I travel for miles for this milk , you dont know how lucky you are , you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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