Friends group buys bladder scanners for Friarage

From left, Colette Anderson with Upendra Somasundram and Michelle Payne

A double donation of bladder scanning equipment has been made by the Friends of the Friarage to support local patients with the condition.

The dedicated fundraisers, now in their Diamond Jubilee year, purchased the scanners – collectively worth £10,300 – for the community continence nursing team and the gynaecology department at the Northallerton hospital.

These portable, hand-held ultrasound devices enable staff to perform quick, easy and non-invasive scans of the bladder by ultrasound to reflect sound waves from the patient’s bladder to the scanner.

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Data is then transmitted to a computer in the handheld unit to automatically calculate the bladder volume.

Bladder scanning is painless for the patient and eliminates the risks associated with unnecessary catheterisation.

The entire scan takes only a couple of minutes to complete, does not require operation by a sonographer, and may prevent unnecessary invasive procedures.

Dr Upendra Somasundram, chairman of the Friends of the Friarage, said: “We’re delighted to support this investment and contribute towards these important services at the Friarage.”

Continence specialist nurse Michelle Payne said: “We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Friends and everyone who has contributed to fundraising for this vital piece of equipment, which can help to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital.

“Having instant access to a bladder scanner in the community allows us to perform this simple, non-invasive and painless procedure which will give us valuable, timely information and ensure problems are identified at an early stage, allowing us to manage patients in the community.”

Urogynaecology specialist nurse Colette Anderson added: “This has made a massive difference to our patients and our department – again a huge thank you to the Friends.”