Friary Hospital ward to remain closed due to additional work

The Friary Hospital, Richmond.

The Victoria Ward at the Friary Hospital is to remain closed due to further work needed to the building.

The ward at the Richmond hospital was shut to new patients in August last year because of problems with the water supply.

NHS officials say the work to rectify this issue is nearly finished, but further work on the building is now needed.

A South Tees Hospitals Foundation Trust spokesperson said: “Work has been taking place to enable the Friary Hospital’s Victoria Ward to begin taking inpatients again following the problems with low internal water flow which required to ward to be temporarily closed to admissions in August.

“The building’s landlord, with the support of NHS Property Services, has been working to rectify the internal water pressure problems and this work is now nearing completion.

“Separately, the building’s landlord and NHS Property Services have identified additional work that needs to take place elsewhere in the building before the Victoria Ward can reopen to inpatients.

“Our doctors and nurses are looking forward to welcoming patients to the Victoria Ward’s much-improved environment when the additional work due to take place elsewhere in the building has been completed.”

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  1. Shocking loss of a valued health facility – why is it taking months? Surely weeks should have been sufficient.

    Staff moved to prop up chronic shortages across medical wards at The Friarage Hospital; patients stuck in acute medical beds when they should have been moved to a rehabilitation bed, or a much more appropriate ‘Palliative/ End of Life Care’ bed; only 10 out of the 18 Friary beds have been created, short term, at the Friarage, so a loss of bed capacity during the busiest winter months.

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