Ghostly apparitions appear in photo taken at Britain’s highest pub

Britain’s highest pub has been inundated with offers from paranormal investigators after ghostly apparitions were spotted in a photo taken by a customer.

The picture was taken by Sylvia Raw on a visit to the Tan Hill Inn, near Reeth, earlier this week.

The photo features Sylvia’s dog Daisy in front of the pub’s fire.

However, when the owner looked carefully she spotted what looks like a skull in the fireplace.

The photo was posted on the Tan Hill Facebook page and immediately caused quite a stir, with staff and customers seeing other spooky faces hidden in the photo.

Chantelle Spedding, from the pub, said: “We posted it on Facebook and had lots of interest. People can see 3 faces and a cat and dog.

“We have also been inundated with offers from paranormal investigators and mediums that want to come up here and were thinking of doing ghost hunts now.”

The photo has prompted customers to come forward with their own ghost stories.

One woman said she woke to find a woman dressed in 1930s clothing standing on the end of her bed.

It has been suggested this was the ghost of legendary former landlady Susan Peacock.

Others have said they could smell pipe smoke, when nobody in the building was smoking.

Here’s the image in full. How many faces can you spot?


The image sent by the customer.


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