GRAPHIC CONTENT: Farmer’s anger after sheep put down following dog attack

The incident happened on fields to the north of Brompton-on-Swale near the old railway line.

A farmer has spoken of his anger after a sheep had to be put down following an attack by a dog.

The Ryeland ewe was attacked in a field near the old railway line on the edge of Brompton-on-Swale.

The incident happened at some point between Thursday and Saturday.

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Farmer Peter Sayer, who farms at Mount Pleasant Farm, said he found the animal with its ear hanging off.

He took it to the vet thinking it may have caught it on a bush.

However, the vet said there was clear bite marks.

The vet tried to stitch the ear back on but the wound was too severe and the animal had to be put down.

The Ryeland ewe was attacked by a dog.

Mr Sayer said he and lost five or six sheep to dog attacks in recent years.

“I’m bloody angry,” he said.

“It’s been someone walking their dog along the railway line or someone’s dog just on the loose.

“People don’t realise that dogs don’t even have to get hold of the sheep to kill them – shock will kill them.”

The incident has been reported to North Yorkshire Police.

Anyone with information about the incident should call 101.

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  1. I see it frequently with people just walking without paying attention to what their dog is doing. Absolute bloody idiots and give good dog owners a bad name. I would also ask that farmers in Wensleydale keep their fields secure, more sheep on the footpath than in the fields and they walk along the rail track too.

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