Grass cutting discussed at Askrigg parish meeting

St Oswald's Church

At the annual parish meeting in Askrigg it was agreed that the councillors would cut the grass in the cemetery as no-one had been found to do that job.

And at the meeting of Askrigg and Low Abbotside Parish Council afterwards it was agreed the parish council should purchase a strimmer.

Parking. – In his address to the parish meeting Cllr Bruce Fawcett stated he thought the village was continuing to do well.

He said that although there had been some concern from some residents with regard to speeding, it was difficult to speed through the village because of parked cars.

Parking is still an ongoing problem and North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne  Peacock told the meeting that Richmondshire District Council was continuing discussions with Carrs Billington.

Low Mill.  – Asa Gurden, the parish representative for Low Mill, informed the meeting that there was a national shortage of qualified instructors and this was also the situation at Low Mill. A decision had, therefore, been made to close the centre to residential outdoor activity courses until March 2023

In the meantime the centre would continue with fund raising activities and the building of the bursary fund. The centre’s accommodation will be opened to self-catering groups.

Village Hall – It was reported that there had not been a meeting of the village hall committee for a while. The question was raised that the committee was too large and if a smaller group would meet more often.

Elections . – Cllr Fawcett was re-elected as chairman, and Cllr James Hodgson as vice-chairman.  The members of committees are:  Cemetery – Cllrs Fawcett, Dave Teasdale and David Scarr; Low Mill – Mr Gurden; village hall – Cllrs  Hodgson and Teasdale; Almshouses – Cllr Fawcett.

Cllr Allen Kirkbride informed the parish council that he had put himself forward to continue as a parish representative on the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Jubilee donation. – At the parish council meeting it was agreed to make a donation of £100 towards the refreshments for the bring and share Jubilee celebrations on Sunday June 5.

It was reported that the church clock is now working and has been paid for out of the church clock fund.

Highways . – The meeting was told that the culvert on the road at Nappa had been cleared but work was still required on the wall along the road. Cllr Peacock said she would speak to the Highways Authority about the problem with a septic tank at Nappa Scarr.

The clerk will report to Highways about trees overhanging  Howgate as some large vehicles had caught wing mirrors on them.  She will also send a report about the flag stones which need repairing outside the church and Seata House.

Cllrs Fawcett and Hodgson will spray the weeds around the village.

The next parish council meeting will be in the back room at the village hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday July 20.

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  1. Perhaps the churchyard could be considered a haven for insects and wildlife generally with less mowing and the chance for wildflowers and grasses to flourish. Would that be worth considering?

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