Green Party mayoral candidate congratulates winner

Allan Mortimer and Kevin Foster.

Kevin Foster, Green Party candidate in the recent election for the mayor of York & North Yorkshire, has offered his congratulations to Labour candidate David Skaith who was elected mayor on Thursday.

The Hipswell and Colburn division councillor on North Yorkshire Council said a collaborative approach would be key to making the mayoralty a success.

He added: “I hope that David will have the same outlook and that we can all work with him to make York & North Yorkshire an even better place to live and work, by improving housing, transport, jobs and the environment”.

About the election campaign, Kevin said: “There can only be one winner but it has been an honour to take part in a contest in which all candidates ran positive campaign.

“The campaign was hard work and an amazing experience. It would have been impossible for me without the unfailing help and support of my campaign manager, Allan Mortimer, to whom I owe a huge debt of thanks.

“I would also like to thank the York Green Party who were behind me all the way.

“And finally, thank you to everybody who voted for me. A vote for the Green Party sends a message to the big parties that climate change and the environment matter, and that a fairer, greener society is what many of us want.”