Grinton suffers fresh flooding after rain overnight

More sandbags are delivered to Grinton. Photo: NYCC.

There has been further flooding in Grinton after heavy rain overnight.

Water got into at least one property with the fire service called to pump the water out.

North Yorkshire highways officers attended to inspect the road network.

Additional sandbags were also deployed in response to the rainfall and in anticipation of further rain forecast over the weekend.

Geraldine Coates, chair of the parish council, said several properties also suffered flooding two nights after the flash floods last Tuesday.

She said: “This is the third time we’ve had flooding. We’re all on tenterhooks here tonight.

“The beck came up, went down and then has come back up — we don’t know which way to run.”

Photo: NYCC.

Despite these weather conditions, work has continued to put in place temporary measures to reopen the B6270 Grinton to Richmond road and the C102 Grinton to Leyburn road by 16 August and 30 August respectively.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, executive member for access, who was in the area today, said: “The progress being made is remarkable. I have nothing but respect for our highways and bridges teams.”