Gym members celebrate moon landing anniversary with fitness challenge

Members of Fitness4All ahead of the moon landings challenge.

A Richmondshire gym has celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with a special challenge.

Fitness4All in Leyburn ran the Apollo 11 challenge on Saturday.

Members worked together during the day to lift the same weight as the spacecraft which took the astronauts to the moon.

This meant gym-goers having to lift an impressive 239,255kg.

The space craft travelled to 384,000km from earth to the moon so members also ran 384km during the day.

Gym owner Rob Bartlett said: “We asked each gym member to come in and do what they could.

“It’s about all members working together. Generally we have the older members in during the day and then in the evening the younger ones come in, the music gets turned up and it’s a different vibe.

“We wanted to combine the two groups and tackle a challenge that both could to achieve.

“It didn’t matter if you have knackered knees or whatever, everyone can do a bit.”

Members enjoyed a barbecue after successfully completing the challenge.