Hawes Silver Band performs on Bank Holiday weekend

Hawes Silver Band.

Hawes Silver Band can be heard at a number of venues in Wensleydale over the Bank Holiday weekend.

On Sunday August 26 the band plays an open air concert on Bainbridge Village Green at 1.30pm.

On the same day, the churches in Wensleydale hold a traditional open air ecumenical service in a spectacular location on the banks of Lake Semerwater at 3pm and the band will be there to accompany the hymns.

Monday 27 August sees another open air concert, this time in the Park at Hawes at I.00pm before the band travels to Aysgarth to add to the festivities of Aysgarth Fete at 2.45pm.

For further information about the band, visit www.hawessilverband.org.uk