Hawes Silver Band recruiting new members

Hawes Silver Band.

Hawes Silver Band is looking for new members.

Band leaders say new members are helping to keep alive a great tradition of brass banding in the Dales dating from the lead mining days in the 19th century.

Bands now play an eclectic selection of melodious music and a noticeable trend is for older players to start playing with no previous musical experience and join local bands.

“Brass banding is structured to make it relatively easy to play to an acceptable standard in a band,” said Stan Roocroft MBE, conductor and director of Hawes Silver Band.

“Anyone with a reasonably musical ear can learn and make useful contribution in a band and a number of people have retired to the area have done just that. Instruments can be lent and help with tuition.

“Anyone who would like to give it a try will get a warm welcome at Hawes.”

Stan added: “And just to clear a common query, a silver band is the same as a brass band. The difference is cosmetic, not musical.”

To contact Hawes Silver Band, ring 01969 667342 or e-mail stanleyjroocroftmbe@btinternet.com.