Health scare forces cancer survivor Adam to fly home – but he is determined to finish challenge

Cancer survivor Adam Alderson is back in the UK after suffering suspected severe dehydration during his Mongol Rally challenge.

Adam and wife Laura flew back yesterday from Moscow after the former multi-organ transplant patient becoming very ill.

He is now back at the hospital in Oxford which performed the operation and is having tests done, although they have already determined that his kidney function was severely affected.

However, Adam is hoping to return to Russia later this week to complete the challenge if his health allows.

He said: “It’s slightly disappointing if I’m honest but for someone who was lying her exactly two years recovering from that operation and couldn’t walk down the corridor I think that’s an achievement to be proud of.

“We’re hopefully getting back out their and I will drive that Jimney across the finish line if it kills me”

A video from Adam in his hospital bed after flying back to the UK.

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Posted by Yorkshire Yaks on Monday, 21 August 2017


Together with new wife Laura and friends Andy Smithson and Liz Sheldon, cancer survivor Adam is taking part in the Mongol Rally – a 10,000-mile trip from the UK to Mongolia in cheap car – two old Suzuki Jimny 4x4s.

Andy and Liz are continuing to drive the Jimneys towards the finish line while Adam and Laura are back in the UK.

Adam, 37, from Preston-under-Scar, near Leyburn, refused to give in after being diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei – PMP for short – a very rare form of cancer that grows inside the abdominal cavity and will crush and destroy the organs unless treated or removed.

Instead, he fought the disease and, with the help of a team of medics who performed a ground-breaking multi-organ transplant operation, he survived.

By taking part in the Mongol Rall he is raising money for the two charities, The Steve Prescott Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Adam was one of the first people to have the multi-organ transplant for this type of cancer and survive. He is now determined that as many people as possible have access to the same kind of help.

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