Heavy rain causes flooding in the Yorkshire Dales

A motorhome in flooding near Hawes. Photo: North Yorkshire Weather Updates.

Heavy rain has caused flooding to roads in the Dales.

The Environment Agency has issued an amber flood warning for the River Ure in upper Wensleydale after more than 40mm of rain fell today in areas of the Dales.

The Ure flooded at Brunt Acres Road, near Hawes, this morning.

Video footage from the area showed vehicles trying to pass through the water, with at least one vehicle getting stuck.


Strong winds also added to the problems faced by motorsists.

Gusts of almost 80mph were recorded in the Dales, with the high winds bringing down a number of trees.




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  1. The motorhome owner must have more money than sense, is it worth it to put yourselves and your pride and joy at risk never mind the risk to emergency services who go out to risk their lives to rescue narrow minded drivers. Those who do end up in the water and have to be rescued should be sent the bill and this should be mandatory nationwide. And on another note will the insurance company’s pay out for stupidity!

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