Family rescued from vehicle as Dales hit by flooding

Vehicles stuck in flood water on the A684 at Wensley.

A family was among nine people rescued from flooded vehicles in Wensleydale this morning.

Firefighters were called to the A684 at Wensley after five cars and a lorry became stuck in the flood water which was covering the road.

Crews used water rescue equipment, including boats, to get to the stranded motorists, with firefighters at the scene saying the water was almost to the roof of one vehicle.

The force of the water had also washed a people carrier into a nearby field.

All motorists and passengers were rescued safely, fire crews said.

The A684 remains blocked at Wensley this morning, although the water is subsiding.

Elsewhere, firefighters worked through the night to pump water from homes and rescue motorists stuck in their cars.

Firefighters from Leyburn were called out to flooded homes in Appersett at 8.15pm last night.

They were then called out to a flooded cellar at 2am.

The crew from Hawes responded to reports of multiple vehicles trapped in floodwater at 8.15pm also at Appersett.

The crew was able to rescue the occupants of the vehicles using water rescue equipment and escort them to safety. 

North Yorkshire County Council says a number of roads remain blocked this morning.

These include the A684 from Aysgarth to Bainbridge and the A6108 at Cover Bridge.

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Firefighters at Wensley this morning with a car washed into a field.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said crews from Richmond, Colburn and Reeth had also worked tirelessly throughout the night dealing with incidents.

Flood alerts remain in place today for the River Swale and River Ure in the Dales, with a more serious flood warning issued for the Ure at Masham.

Flooding from the River Ure in Wensleydale. Photo: Steven Handley.

More details to follow.