Helen chosen to help get Brits outdoors

A Hawes cycle business owner has been selected to help encourage Brits to spend more time outdoors.

Helen Pollard, who runs Stage1Cycles, is one of 60 people selected for an Ordnance Survey project to “help make Great Britain a more outdoorsy and adventurous nation”.

Helen, 42, and her fellow OS GetOutside champions were unveiled at an event in the New Forest where they were joined by TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle and endurance adventurer Sean Conway.

The champions, chosen for their ability to communicate their love for being outside, include journalists, bloggers and authors who all write about their adventures in Britain.

Helen plans to have as many adventures with family and the kids she works with as possible.

This includes mountain bike backpacking on the summer solstice with local families, launching the new North Yorkshire National Park bridleway Swaletrail on April 29, and completing a stage of the Tour de France.

She said: “Being selected as a champion was an enormous and brilliant surprise, I will use the opportunity to ensure Getting Outside on bikes is accessible to all.”

OS has selected its Champions to promote the many benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle.

Nick Giles, Ordnance Survey, said: “The GetOutside initiative is core to OS’s aims to help more people to GetOutside more often, it is about inspiring adventures, enabling experiences and helping make memories.

“It’s already encouraging people to re-engage with the outdoors and showing that it is enjoyable, accessible and safe for all ages and abilities.”

OS Champion, Ben Fogle, said: “There are some truly remarkable and inspirational people in this group, and it is an honour and delight to be joining them for what I think is an important campaign, making the outdoors enjoyable, accessible and safe.”


“I never excelled at traditional PE at school but found enjoyment in the outdoor activities and swimming. As a teacher for many years I discovered that even the most disengaged and challenging young people and children were at their best muddy, wet and out of the classroom.  Although my life and career has moved on, my belief in the importance of doing something outside everyday has grown.  I now spend my days juggling life, including managing a cycling business, chasing Daisy, running with dogs, falling off my bike, and hopefully helping and encouraging others to ride their bikes too.  I am not elite, just very very ordinary making an adventure out of living and working in beautiful Wensleydale.”

You can find out about Helen via www.stage1cycles.co.uk  or on Twitter: @stage1cycles