Help wanted to identify location of photo

An appeal has gone out for help to identify the location of a photograph.

This photo was handed to West Burton resident Jane Ritchie by someone believing it was taken near the Wensleydale village of Thoralby.

It was thought the building in the background may have been Heaning Hall in Thoralby.

However, it is now not thought to have been taken in that area, with one suggestion that the chimney is from lead mining works.

Jane has asked if Richmondshire Today readers can help identify the location.

If you think you know the location, or have any other information about the photo, email us here.

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  1. Having lived in Thoralby in the 1950s – 60s I would make the following observations on this picture.
    Firstly there seems to be the profile of distant hills behind the trees at the top of the picture, with quite a distinctive shape at the right hand side as the hill profile falls away, which to me say this is not looking up to Heaning Hall. Secondly the gateway and ramp behind the people looks quite distinctive as the ground falls into the field, so that should be recognisable to some ?
    The wall behind the subjects looks very regimented in form, possibly being the boundary to a significant property rather than just a field wall, or is it just a well built roadside wall ?
    It would be interesting to date the picture, possibly 1890>1900 ?

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