Horse riders raise awareness of need to pass ‘wide and slow’

Horse riders in Gilling West.

Horse riders took part in an event to raise awareness of the need to pass wide and slow when overtaking riders on country roads.

The Pass Wide & Slow awareness ride took place in Gilling West on Sunday.

Organiser Angie Staple said they were passed by around 40 vehicles during the ride from Waters Lane to the end of the village and back.

She added: “The majority of people slowed down to a reasonable speed, some had to be asked to slow down by us using arm signals and one number plate will be reported for passing at dangerous speed and far too close.

“There seems to be a lack of awareness regarding the updated Highway Code for all road users so we are hoping the ride will raise the issue.”

The ride was part of a national awareness campaign run by road safety group Pass Wide and Slow.

Angie added: “I recently emailed North Yorkshire Council to ask for warning signs to make drivers aware that horses may be using the road on roads linking bridleways – especially the roads coming from A66.

“This followed several near misses with speeding and drivers that were apparently unaware of the new Highway Code.

“Their response was that they wouldn’t find any signs as it would be too expensive and that as North Yorkshire is a rural county people should expect to see horses using the roads.”


  1. Always being mindful and respectful of both horse and cycle riders whilst motoring, and being fully aware of the new highway code road user hierarchy there are instances when these groups of users should apply due diligence and duty of care to other road users whilst riding out on the road network, poor behaviour is not just one way having recently experienced horse riders riding two abreast on the busy A684 whilst using their mobile phones!

  2. It’s nowt to do wi’t Highway Code, just plain common sense to give plenty of room, and not to sound horns either nor accelerate hard as soon as the vehicle has passed the horse.

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