Horse dies after collision near Middleham

A horse has died after a road accident this morning.

The incident occurred just before 7.30am on the A6108 between Middleham and Cover Bridge.

The collision involved a horse and a van.

A vet attended the scene and the animal was sadly put down.

North Yorkshire Police say nobody was injured in the accident.

The road was closed for a short time, but was reopened just after 8am.


  1. We used to live on that road and reported many times the speed that vehicles were doing. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Drivers are aware there are horses but still drive too fast even in 30mph zone. Might do something about it now, glad no people hurt but terrible for the horse, condolences to the owner and rider.

    • Totally agree

      More care needs to be considered for horses and riders by drivers

      It is rare to see drivers wait or give plenty of room for horses and their riders

  2. Whilst I agree that some drivers need to be more aware and cautious around horses, this incident was not one of those cases. This was a horse without a rider which was frightened and bolted, unfortunately into an oncoming vehicle. Thankfully the driver was unhurt, however the horse was not so lucky.

  3. First things first the horse in question had escaped from the yard and ran on to the road at the same time as the van was passing. What would you do? Second you go on about speeding well why do these riders not have any due care and attention when riding on the road. The highways code is for everyone not just for vehicles.

    P.s stop coming to a judgement before you get the full facts

  4. What’s the councilor responsible for the Middleham Safer Roads project doing about this then, Jack Sxxx I suppose as always !!!!!!!!!!!!

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