Housing association apologies over grass cutting problems

File pic. Photo: Kenneth Allen/Geograph

A housing association has apologised after tenants described the grass cutting in communal areas as an “absolute disgrace.”

Dozens of people living in Broadacres Housing Association properties in Hambleton and Richmondshire have commented about the lack or poor standard of grass cutting this year.

One Aiskew resident said: “Really untidy and the long grass looked better as they missed huge areas and strips uncut in between each row.

“Obviously didn’t bother to look at what they’d cut or rather didn’t cut. I’d be ashamed to get paid for that.”

Another tenant said: “Very unhappy with the way our grass has been cut – or should I say roughly strimmed.

“They even managed to strim my fuchsia bush. My small children could have done a better job.”

Another said: “An absolute disgrace, this happened the last time you changed contractors, and you made the same excuses.”

Broadacres has apologised about the issues saying it has a new contractor which is struggling to complete grass cuts on time due to their contract not starting till May, the length of the grass, difficulties leasing specialist equipment and issues with recruitment.

The organised added in a statement: “We can promise however, that this is a key focus of ours right now, and we are working really hard to get it sorted, including providing extra resources to catch up as much as possible.

“We know that some areas are affected more than others and we are listening to customers who are letting us know how their areas have been affected. Your feedback is vital, and we hear your concerns.

“We know this is important and we will continue to keep you updated over the coming months.

“Please accept our apologies once again.”

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  1. It’s EXACTLY, the same, in Brompton on Swale. It always looks worse, after they’ve cut it! And to make matters worse, we have 2 different contractors, doing the same job. One does the verges and the other, does the greens. The thing is, tho, one comes one week, then the other comes the week after. This results in the levels of grass, growing differently and it looks, bloody stupid! The Chuckle Brothers, could do a better job!

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