Hundreds of homes without power after heavy snow falls leave communities cut off

Photo: Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.

Hundreds of homes in the Yorkshire Dales are without power after cuts affected dozens of communities across Swaledale and upper Wensleydale.

Norther Powergrid says there has been a major power cut in the area, with the supply set to be off until at least 6pm.

It comes after heavy snow fell on the district overnight and on Saturday morning.

Up to a foot of snow was recorded in some areas of the Yorkshire Dales.

Several motorists got stuck on roads between Swaledale and Wensleydale on Saturday morning, with higher roads remained unpassable to most vehicles on Saturday afternoon.

Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team warned in the morning that all roads in and out of Swaledale were snowbound to two-wheel drive vehicles and 4x4s without snow tyres.

The team later said conditions had improved in the valley bottom, but it was still snowing on the tops.

The powercut means that as well as no electricity, there is no mobile phone signal in the area.

Other areas of the district were also affected by the snow, with driving conditions poor early this morning in the Richmond and Catterick areas and on the A1(M).