Hundreds attend Polar Express special showings at Catterick cinema

The team at Empre Cinema ahead of the week'd Polar Express special showings.

Almost 700 children attended special showings of a Christmas film at the Empire Cinema at the weekend.

The cinema said weeks of preparations had gone into the event on Sunday.

Originally just one showing of the Polar Express was planned.

However, demand was so great that the cinema decided to run four showings, which all sold out.

Ali Antanelis, from the Empire, said: “We had 684 people attend the event in total and have had some great reviews and messages following it.

“Both the team and the customers had a fantastic day and although it was really busy, the festive atmosphere and the smiles on everyone’s faces made it easy to make the day a special one for all.”

Children attending the showings came in their pyjamas or onesies, and received hot chocolate and special golden ticket.

Santa was also in attendance.

“Weeks of preparation, donations from local businesses and hard work and dedication from the team meant that the event passed without a hitch and was truly a day to remember,” Ali added.