Hunt saboteurs target Yorkshire Dales grouse shoots on ‘Glorious 12th’

Hunt saboteurs confrnt a shooting party in the Dales. Photo: Hunt Saboteurs Association.

Hunt saboteurs disrupted several shoots in the Yorkshire Dales on the first day of the grouse shooting season yesterday.

Activists from West Yorkshire and and as far away as Wiltshire targeted several shoots in Coverdale and Nidderdale.

A large number of saboteurs disrupted a shooting party on Braithwaite Moor near East Witton.

West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs claimed they were able to stop the shoot “with ease”

After targeting a shoot at Heathfield Moor, Nidderale, the group said in a post on social media: “As is tradition on the Glorious 12th, sab groups from all over the country were out in force and we found our first target early on.

“The next target was just off Braithwaite Lane, East Witton, where sabs had confirmed that a shoot was in progress. Their location was confirmed and groups were able to turn up en-mass and escort the shooters away from the grouse butts with ease.

“All over Nidderdale, shoots were being brought to a complete standstill meaning our wildlife was spared another day.

“We trecked (sic) a fair few hundred miles chasing bird n****s yesterday.”

In a statement on the start of the grouse shooting season, the Moorland Association said “sustainable grouse moor management leads to essential income for the protection of our beautiful uplands and is responsible for over 1,500 jobs in the heart of the countryside.”

They added: “Every day of shooting is a bonus for the local economy.”



  1. It should be the inglorious 12.Tourists flock to the dales have no idea of the persecution and cruelty that takes place in the name of tradition and sport for the privileged few.Its obscene in this day and age,in fact it’s a throwback to an outdated feudal system that needs irradicating.

    • Maybe you should actually visit a shoot and find out what goes on. The only outdated thing is the attitude of people like you who don’t know anything about farming in the Dales, the people involved and think there’s some kind of class system in this country. If you want to eat delicious meat, things have to die.

  2. Neither the 12th nor the 5-month shooting season that follows are glorious for the thousands of birds killed.

  3. They should all be arrested for trespass, probably all benefit scroungers not done a day’s work so they can disrupt other people’s work/pleasure. I agree with the ban on fox hunting as the poor bugger is at an unfair disadvantage.

    • The “poor bugger” has just murdered hens. There will be a bloke there tonight with a thermal imager and a night sight. By morning, justice will have prevailed

      • Nature takes care of its self when men intervene n kill defenceless animals is when everything goes wrong. What a pity animals cant have guns to shoot back at the cowards who shoot at them? I would put money on there being less cowards shooting at them then. If u so called men want to shoot things dead go fight for your country

    • Quite right, though foxes are now at far greater disadvantage as they are all shot with night vision and thermal scopes so a massive amount more are killed since the hunting ban. It hasn’t done the fox any favours at all but animal rights idiots rarely consider facts when they pursue campaigns – in exactly the same way as the great unwashed sabotaging grouse shoots. Many are just hired thugs with no idea why they are there.

    • no it’s not. the wildlife is helped and supported by the game keepers. it’s part and part of maintaining a healthy moor for the birds. without grouse shooting the heather moors wouldn’t be there. no one would pay, yes it cost money to maintain them and look after the environment.

    • Total.rubbish unmanaged moors would be a barren wilderness .no ground nesting birds INCLUDING GROUSE .managed moors are a perfect ecosystem for all wildlife I know of one small Moor now given over to “twitchers ” now bereft of wild life apart from crows magpies and vermin.all ground nesting birds. Have gone

  4. Mr Harry is welcome to his opinion but to label all saboteurs as ‘benefit scroungers’ is a massive assumption and in the present climate the vast majority of claimants are NOT scroungers more often than not hard working honest people with families to support who through no fault of their own have been made redundant. This is just negative propaganda promoted by the right wing press in order to take the spotlight off the real scroungers at the other end of the economic spectrum i.e. The Oligarchs who wont pay their taxes.

    • These hard working sabs must be on flexi time i take it
      Why masked up like a ninja they ashamed or dont the unemployment police to spot them??

    • Well if they’re hardworking people who’ve lost their jobs, they won’t find employment doing that all the time will they.

    • their all violent thugs though. all wearing black and covering their faces. what have they got to hide?

    • It’s not an assumption it’s usually the case. Many are hired unemployed thugs just paid to turn up for a fight dressed in paramilitary clothing. When asked, many of them don’t even know why they are there! If they all walked down a street in town they would be arrested immediately for intimidation and criminal intent, yet they get away with it (for a while) on the moors. One of their members has just gone to prison for multiple violent crimes and assaults. It’s agravated tresspass being on private land while disrupting a lawful activity and the police should enforce the law more often.

  5. Just thugs the last one they boasted about the shoot had finished the last drive of the day. Should be prosecuted for trespass and their benefits stopped.

  6. Two shoots were impacted not several. These sab events have negligible to no effect despite the PR exercise they intend to achieve. Yorkshire moors are internationally recognised landscapes. They have been designated as SSSI’s, SPA’s, AONB’s and SAC’s because of the management that underpins the landscapes. The BTO and other organisations state on record that these managed landscapes are the the most important breeding grounds for endangered curlews, golden plover, merlins and many other species. The moors of Swaledale and Wensleydale are particularly important for curlews and are providing surplus curlews for recolonisation of the south east of England. The RSPB were also queuing up asking for grouse moor curlews for a project on Dartmoor. A ten year merlin research project has revealed that this small falcon is thriving on our moors with keepers licensed to monitor and protect nests. Keepers in the Dales have one several conservation awards for work with waders and raptors. One keeper received a prestigious award for his hen harrier work -part of the successful DEFRA hen harrier recovery plan. Many moor keepers are BTO bird ringers working with partners to record and survey the red listed species that rely on our cherished moors to survive. Indeed it was keepers on one estate in Wensleydale that were responsible for the first Yorkshire breeding Osprey record for over 400 yrs. Our beautiful moorlands are not an accident of nature. They are protected from afforestation, liming, overgrazing, development and exploitation because the monetary and ecological value of grouse shooting. Moor keepers are also protecting these precious habitats from disastrous wildfires. They have rewetted the moors, blocked grips (that they never wanted) and restored tens of thousands of hectares of carbon rich peatlands. I could go on. Perhaps the opponents to grouse moor management ought to look at those moors where grouse management ceased. Many have succumbed to catastrophic wildfires, been shown (Natural England surveys) to be deficient in bird assemblages and short of biodiversity. Research has shown (Prof. D. Denny et al, Northampton University) that grouse moors meet the IUCN objectives for sustainability including environmental, ecological and social criteria. It’s easy to oppose grouse shooting with the stereotypical toffs in tweeds angle or the trite adage ‘murderous gamekeeper’. But the reality is that, love it or hate it, the tradition delivers a huge dividend for local communities, wild flora and fauna and an important place for public recreation and well being.

    • Funny how all the well know experts are against shoots ,mainly for the damage to wildlife and the mis management of moors .birds of pray wiped out for Grouse shoots .There were plans to release hen harriers on Derbyshire moors ,but that’s been scrapped,deemed to unsafe , because of grouse shoots.Allso its been proven that sheep eat the eggs and chicks of ground nesting birds .

      • Absolute nonsense. “All the well known experts” such as? Remove the vegan anti shooting experts and who’s left? Birds of prey are not wiped out at all. The biggest numbers of breeding birds are on our moors but people like you spread this BS. There are already hen harriers on the Derbyshire moors! Funny how the sheep have been there for thousands of years and these areas have the highest numbers of ground nesting birds – including the grouse! Utter nonsense from start to finish.

  7. I’d like to see ethnic minorities on mass to live in the countryside, along with the LGBTQ+ Communities . I think , our countryside cousin’s would have a heart attack.

  8. Murder? Only humans murder. Foxes kill to eat, to survive. If you keep hens it’s your responsibility to ensure they are safe and that the henhouse is fox proof.

    • Well said I agree 100% I have chickens fox has never bothered them once maybe coz I feed fox too

      • An absolute classic. I’m sure your neighbours love the fox coming to their chickens on the way to the feed you’re giving them and boosting their numbers. You couldn’t make it up.

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