Hunton man accused of breaching restraining order on day it was issued

York Magistrates' Court.

A man is alleged to have breaching a restraining order by making contact with his former girlfriend on the day it was issued.

Jack Brown, 26, of Leyburn Road, Hunton, was given a 12-month community order with 150 hours’ unpaid work on Tuesday for a number of offences including assault occasioning actual bodily harm, harassment, assault by beating and being involved in cannabis production.

But he is alleged to have breached the five-year order later that day by driving on a street where he knew she might be.

He was also charged with driving without care and attention following the incident.

Brown was arrested yesterday and was back at York Magistrates’ Court for the second time in a week today.

The defendant pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Prosecutor Robyn Hartigan said that Brown and the alleged victim had been in a relationship, but his violence towards her led the court to impose the restraining order.

She said that the woman had been picked up from her parents’ home in Catterick Village by a friend in the early evening when they saw Brown’s car driving past.

Miss Hartigan claimed that Brown beeped his horn and stuck two fingers up at his ex-girlfriend as he did so.

She called police and the two friends carried on their journey but then saw Brown’s car approaching them, allegedly “at speed, from behind”.

The woman’s friend pulled over to let Brown pass, which he did, but then allegedly cut back in front of her friend’s car and “immediately broke hard”.

Miss Hartigan claimed that the woman’s friend had to take evasive action to avoid a collision. Brown then drove off and the woman, who was “upset”, was driven back to her parents’ address by her friend.

Brown was subsequently arrested but denied the allegations, claiming he was driving through the area to pick up a Chinese takeaway in Bedale and not to go looking for his ex-girlfriend.

Under the restraining order, Brown was prohibited from contacting her, going to her student digs in York or any street where she was staying.

The order had been imposed after Brown was convicted of offences in 2021 against his neighbours, his ex-girlfriend, whom he attacked twice, and her friend.

Martin Townend, defending, said that at the time of the alleged new offences, Brown believed his ex-girlfriend was at her student accommodation in York.

“He never expected to see her,” added Mr Townend.

He said that it was a “chance” encounter and that Brown had not been gesticulating or “doing anything” towards his ex-girlfriend as he passed in his car.

“He said he got to the Chinese (takeaway), turns round to go home (and) comes across a motor vehicle swerving in the road,” added Mr Townend.

“He overtook the vehicle.”

He said although Brown accepted breaking, this was because “a hare ran into the road”.

The bench set a trial date of October 11 at York Magistrates’ Court.

Brown was granted bail until that date on condition that he does not contact his ex-girlfriend and does not go to the city of York or Catterick Village.