Hunton man given further jail term for assaulting ex-partner’s grandfather

Jack Brown. Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

A Hunton man has received another jail sentence for assaulting his ex-partner’s grandfather and public disorder.

Jack Brown, 27, headbutted the victim in the face during an altercation in Hornby, York Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecutor Komal Khaira said that the victim, who had gone looking for Brown because of an incident involving his granddaughter, suffered a bruised and swollen nose and was left in “considerable pain”.

The named victim tried to call police, but Brown tried to snatch his phone off him. Brown then tried to “grab at the face” of the victim’s friend who was stood between the two men.

Brown scratched him in the face and took his glasses off him. As the man tried to fight him off, Brown threw the glasses and ran off.

Ms Khaira said the victim of this second attack suffered scratches around his mouth and cheekbone.

Brown, of Leyburn Road, was charged with assault by beating and initially denied the offence, but pleaded guilty on the day he was due to face trial. He admitted a public-order offence in respect of the second victim at the first opportunity.

He appeared for sentence yesterday via video link from Holme House Prison, where he has been locked up since June for a separate offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving in a hit-and-run incident.

Ms Khaira said the two victims in Hornby were neighbours who were having a cup of coffee when one of their granddaughters – Brown’s ex-partner – came in looking “extremely upset and hysterical”.

The two men “decided to go and find Brown” and headed for Hunton where he lived, but on the way, they saw a van in the road and suspected that Brown was inside it.

They got out of the vehicle and approached the van, whereupon Brown started shouting abuse at them. It was following Brown’s four-letter rant that he headbutted his ex-partner’s grandfather, who had her own run-in with Brown on the same day and was left “hysterical”.

The named Catterick woman, a student whom he had subjected to violence in the past, had been protected by a five-year restraining order imposed by York magistrates on the very day of the incident after he was convicted of harassing her.

Just hours after receiving the order, Brown drove past the victim as she walked along the street, beeped his horn and stuck two fingers up at her.

She was picked up by a male friend in his car who was driving her away to safety when Brown’s vehicle, which was driven “at speed”, appeared behind them.

The victim’s friend pulled over to let him pass, but Brown deliberately cut in front of them and slammed on the brakes. Only sharp braking by the victim’s friend averted a collision.

Brown was convicted of careless driving and breaching a restraining order following that incident, which occurred when he was out on bail for the hit-and-run.

He had six previous convictions for 13 offences including assault occasioning actual bodily harm, aggravated vehicle taking, battery, criminal damage and being concerned in the production of cannabis.

At Teesside Crown Court in June, he was jailed for two years and eight months and given a ten-year driving ban after he deliberately drove his Ford Ranger into senior army officer Heather Millar who was walking with ponies and children in Hunton.

Ms Millar, who was walking along the side of Leyburn Road, was knocked to the ground and suffered a broken back. She had been walking with a female friend and three ponies with a child rider when they heard a vehicle “roaring” through the village.

Brown drove at her “at speed”, she took a step back from the edge of the road, but as she did so, he “deliberately turned his steering wheel towards her” and knocked her to the ground.

Brown drove off as Ms Millar was helped to her feet by her friend. X-rays revealed she had broken a bone in her back.

Ms Millar, a senior staff officer with the Light Brigade Combat Team at Catterick Garrison, had to remain in a static position for four months following the shocking incident on January 15 last year. Her army career had to be put on hold following the dreadful incident.

Solicitor advocate Eleanor Boyd, representing Brown at Tuesday’s sentence hearing at York Magistrates’ Court, said her client now accepted that his attack on the two men in Hornby “went far beyond self-defence”.

Magistrates jailed Brown for nine weeks for the assault and four weeks’ concurrent for the public-order offence.

The total nine-week sentence will run concurrent to Brown’s existing 32-month jail term for the hit-and-run.

He was also slapped with a three-year restraining order banning him from contacting the man he assaulted. He was ordered to pay the victim £200 compensation.