Ice cream vans — the rules in Richmondshire

An ice cream van at Ribblehead. Photo: North Yorkshire Weather Updates.

The easing of lockdown rules has resulted in the return of ice cream vans to communities in Richmondshire.

But while the vans have been welcomed by local residents grateful for the delivery of treats for themselves and their children, some have also been bemused to see up to three different vans visiting their communities on the same day.

The issues reached a head in Catterick Garrison last week when their was a confrontation between three van drivers which resulted in damage to one van and an appeal for information by North Yorkshire Police.

Some local residents said the vans had become so frequent that even their children had complained about the music, while others had resorted to telling their kids the tunes meant the vans had run out.

So what are the rules on ice cream vans in Richmondshire? We asked the district council to explain.

They told us that all catering businesses had to be registered with the local authority where they were based.

Richmondshire District Council only has one company operating ice cream vans on its register, which is Jervaulx-based Brymor.

This means that other ice cream vans visiting Richmondshire should be registered elsewhere.

But are there any restrictions on how many ice cream vans can visit? The short answer is no, not really.

Richmondshire doesn’t operate a street trading licence scheme like some councils, meaning ice cream vans can generally trade where they want, although they may need permission off the landowner if they want to stop on land owned by a town council, such as the middle of Richmond or Leyburn.

Here’s the council’s statement in full: “All food businesses have to be registered with the local authority where they are based.

“It is up to that authority to do all the food hygiene inspections etc. as part of their regular inspection routine. We for instance check Brymor. We can check businesses trading our area if there are concerns over food hygiene practices.

“Ice cream vans are mobile therefore can move between districts. There is no restriction on where they can trade unless a particular local authority restricts certain areas (as part of a street trading licence scheme) or a land owner such as a parish or town council does not give permission for them to operate on their land.

“Street trading licence schemes are operated by some district councils/unitary authorities where a business wishing to trade on the street has to apply and pay for a licence. RDC does not operate such a system.” [kofi]

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  1. I can’t be the only one fed up with them. The music can be heard from miles away. They stop right outside our house playing their tune and wake my baby boy up every day from his naps. I dont mind the odd visit but daily is so excessive and when its multiple times a day it’s so frustrating! When we were kids it was a treat. The stupid tune is currently stuck in my head permanently its driving me mad!

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