Iceland Catterick to open just for the elderly

Iceland in Catterick Garrison.

The Iceland store in Catterick Garrison has confirmed it will be opening just for its elderly customers during set periods.

It comes as panic buying due to the coronavirus epidemic means stores are running out of some items, including toilet paper and pasta.

There were large crowds at several Richmondshire supermarket over the weekend, including the Lidl in Richmond where shoppers queued to get inside.

Shoppers are also facing long waits to book a home delivery with the Tesco at Catterick Garrison this morning not having any slots until next week.

A spokeswoman at the Iceland Catterick branch confirmed they would be opening just for the elderly later this week.

The store will be open just for the elderly from 10am to 12noon this Wednesday, March 18, with further times to be announced in the future.

The store’s opening hours have also changed from now. Instead of being open from 1am to 8pm, it will be open from 10am to 6pm.

Iceland said it was not a company policy to open just for the elderly, but it was allowing individual stores to decide how best to meet the needs of shoppers in their local areas.

We are queuing to get into Lidl in Richmond this is mad #CoronaVirus ?

Posted by Wayne Gredziak on Sunday, 15 March 2020

Shoppers queuing yesterday at Lidl in Richmond. Video: Wayne Gredziak. 



  1. Well done Iceland! I fall into the elderly and vulnerable group and usually order online but no slots to be had. Good to hear of this community effort on your part. I was in the store last week and immensely impressed with the kind courtesy and friendliness of the staff.

  2. Well done x I’m over 70 with underlying health problems. So if I can get a lift that would be good for me

  3. Well done Iceland proud of you some of our older people can’t afford to bulk buy and are suffering because of other people’s selfishness when did we become so mean minded with a bad attitude

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