Improvements to Colburn Leisure Centre sports pitches would cost £5,000, Colburn Town Council hears

Colburn Village Hall.

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PRESENT Mayor Melanie Bell (Chair) Councillors: Keith Chadwick, Angela Dale, Helen Grant, Jaga Sharma, Michael Ward & Steve Wright Clerk: Philippa Graves Deputy Clerk: Angela Pickersgill

There was one member of the public present.


Charlene Thirlwell was welcomed to the Town Council and having signed the Declaration of Office form, Cllr Thirlwell joined the meeting. The meeting was re-opened to the public.


Cllrs Lynn Nassau, Stuart Styles (agreed absence), Gareth Sutterby (hols) & District Cllr Bev Partridge Invited but no attendance – District Cllr W Glover



It was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 20th March and minutes of the Play Park and Open Spaces Sub-committee meetings held on 4th April were approved as a true and correct record and were signed by the Mayor.

Matters arising – Defibrillators for Colburn Ward – a quotation for the electrical work to install defibrillators at Colburn Sports Centre, Alpha Dental Surgery and Colburn Village Hall had been requested, approx £500.

Queries for Callum Mckeon on CIL/Development money and pitch improvement at Colburn Leisure Centre – Callum had called into the office shortly before the meeting to explain that he had passed on the comments on the Social Fund and how it operates and both the Leader and Deputy RDC would discuss. The cost of bringing the pitches up to date would be in the region of £5,000 with an ongoing annual maintenance of £5,000. Callum would confirm details in the near future.

Waste & Littering in Colburn Business Park – responses had been received from Peter Featherstone, Highways and the clerk had had a conversation with Sally Dixon, Street scene:

a) Planning did not know the current owners as the agents change regularly and he suggested we take the contact details from the For sale board. The owners are actively marketing the land so the felt the situation could change in the reasonably near future (email circulated with agenda).

b) Highways cannot provide “no HGV parking signs” without a Traffic Regulation Order to allow enforcement. This would then discriminate against vehicles which need to be parked on the Industrial Estate or Business Park for legitimate commercial reasons. The core problem is the waste/litter issue, not the actual parking of HGV’s (email circulated with agenda).

c) Sally Dixon has spoken about two orders which now exist; Public Spaces Protection Order and Community Protection Notices. The latter are for the protection of the quality of life of a community so anti-social nuisance can be included but it must affect residents in the near vicinity and be well proven with written and photographic evidence. The business park does not have residents directly affected by sufficient quantities of litter and waste products so it is unlikely this order could be used but she is making further enquiries. RDC would support a litter pick and provide materials/tools. An evening was thought to be the better option with the bags being collected on the next morning. Deputy clerk to email members for possible dates.


Update w/e 7th April was circulated at the meeting showing the current state of the Utility and NYCC improvement works. Temporary pedestrian diversions are in place around the excavations on the west side of Horne Road. Signage has been enhanced in relation to HGV access to Hipswell with signs erected on A6136. Advisory ‘max speed 20 mph’ signs have been erected and the location will be monitored to see whether any further signage is required. Neil asked members if the new signs were working, which they appeared to be, and a request was made for an additional sign at Cravendale Road. It was pointed out that the corner of Back Lane where it joins the A6136 needs re-aligning as traffic turning off the A6136 tends to meet the cars on Back Lane head on. It is narrow and with the increase in traffic requires attention. RDC had not taken ownership of the planters and benches although councillors were sure Colin Dales’ department had paid for them and Gary Hudson’s men had weeded them. However, if the planters were cleaned out, the Town Council’s maintenance person would replant and maintain. Free shuttle bus is still running and will continue during programme of works. Free car parking on Vicarage Road car park (RDC) until end of May.

Cllr Dale requested a painted yellow box at the junction of the new roundabout and Colburn Lane as the traffic backed up from the traffic lights at The Broadway and traffic then queued onto the roundabout blocking exit right or left. Neil responded that “Keep Clear” should be painted on to keep the traffic flowing. Neil Linfoot was thanked for his attendance and left the meeting.

5. POLICE MATTERS The following report for period 18th Mar to 10th Apr was circulated at the meeting.

7 Violent offences – 3 incidents were domestic related, there were no arrests but safeguarding procedures put in place and some enquiries still ongoing. 2 incidents related to dog bites. 2 incidents related to drunken fights, enquiries are still ongoing. 1 Sexual offence – officers are still investigating. 1 Theft – enquiries are still ongoing 1 Crime other – one female arrested for hoax calls and obstructing officers. 5 Criminal damage offences – 4 incidents are linked to Colburn Business Park, officers and landowners are actively taking actions to resolve the problems. 1 damage is an historic incident.

Anti-social Behaviour –19 reports (18 in the same period 2016).

Ward Surgeries PCSO Kaye and PCSO Whitehead will be holding ward surgeries at the Colburn Library on the following dates. If you have anything you want to discuss then please attend and speak with them. Thursdays at 10 – 11 pm on 20th April and 18th May.

Reference to the DOT PEEN marking system was noted and a suitable venue would be at an Afternoon Tea. A request to be made for the Crime Flow Charts to be available as they are for the GAP meetings as it is easier to track/compare crime in this format. Deputy Clerk to email PC Treweek on both matters.

North Yorkshire Community Messenger service is a free service that allows messages to be shared by the Police to members of a specific community area. Messages can be received via email, text, facebook and phone message. It is easy to sign up, just visit from a PC or smartphone. If you are interested in signing up to community messenger but do not feel confident enough with or have access to the internet please make contact with a member of the team.

Keep up to date with Catterick Policing by joining twitter and follow us @NYPCatterickSNT Anyone interested in Colburn specific incidents or who is interested in Colburn Community Watch can follow us on TWITTER@colburnwatch.

National 24 hr non-emergency number 101 (15p per call from mobile or landline) or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 In an emergency or where a crime is in progress always call 999. Contact details – PC 138 Gary Treweek PCSO 3556 Angela Kay PCSO 6602 Katie Whitehead

If you wish to speak to a member of the team by phone please ring 101, option 2 and ask for the person you wish to speak with using their collar number as above 138, 3556 or 6602.


Cllr Dale confirmed that insufficient consultation had taken place with residents as clear evidenced support was necessary for the Plan to move forwards. She suggested an A5 leaflet being printed giving information on what a Neighbourhood Plan was, how future development would affect the area and seeking ideas from residents on what projects, buildings or additional facilities they would like to see. Replies would be made on a Free Post basis, dropped in at the Village Hall or answered online. If RDC’s free post address was used for the consultation each reply would cost 38p. After discussion it was agreed to support this step and test the degree of public interest and support. Cllr Dale asked members to meet later in the week for 30 minutes in the office to look at the leaflet which must be delivered to every household in the ward. The meeting with Callum McKeon arranged for Thurs 27th April would be too soon and should be moved to around 10th May (Chloe Lewis already informed).


County Councillor Grant gave an update on some of the issues with which she had been involved – This is now the Perdah period before the May elections. She has been in daily contact with Neil Linfoot on all matters associated with the White Shops Traffic Junction upgrade. The meter for the White Shops car park had been capped with a metal piece to prevent people putting money in when not necessary. The metal piece had been removed but has been put back again. The potholes on the roundabout by the car park have been reported again but they are part of the White Shops scheme and will be corrected when final re-surfacing takes place.


No report received from District Cllr Glover. Cllr Partridge – full written report circulated at meeting. “Scrutiny meeting held on 23rd March to discuss Boundary Review and timeline of consultation. Between April-May 2017 Commission will consider Council size”. May 2019 RDC Elections based on new council size and warding patterns. The current plan was to reduce the number of councillors to 24 from 28. The clerk was asked to write and state that the Town Council did not want to reduce the current number of councillors (3) particularly as this was a growing area with an increasing population which would need proper representation in the future. Hildyard Row Car Park, Hipswell Parish Council have no interest, no reply from Scotton PC yet. Burial Board – emailed queries from residents but no response from the clerk.

Cllr Dale – all recent meetings of the Planning and Corporate Board had been cancelled for the last two months so little to report. The clerk was asked to write to Jon Rutherford, clerk of the Burial Board, to take down old notices which show Bev Partridge as the chair and update as necessary.


Present membership – Cllr Mel Bell as chair of both sub-committees Play Park & Open Spaces – Cllrs Keith Chadwick, Angela Dale & Helen Grant Planning – Cllrs Lynn Nassau, Gareth Sutterby, Michael Ward and Steve Wright

a. Play Park & Open Spaces Sub-Committee – Next meeting arranged for Tues 9th May at10 am in the Village Hall.
b. Joint Burial Board – latest meeting moved to Mon 27th March. Minutes awaited.
c. Garrison Area Partnership – Latest meeting held on Thurs 16th March at 6.30 pm at Tesco’s Store, Catterick Garrison.
d. Planning Sub-Committee –

Plans agreed by Colburn Town Council:- 17/00166/FULL Planning Permission for Conversion of Integral Garage to form a Habitable Room at 14 Bluebell Walk, Colburn DL9 4WB (closing date 13 April 2017) 17/00173/FULL Planning Permission for Conversion of Garage to a Dining Room at 10 Bluebell Walk, Colburn DL9 4WB (closing date 13 April 2017) RDC decisions:- – none


A1 Leeming to Barton Improvement Scheme – invitation to next Key Liaison Group meeting at 11 am on Friday 5th May at the Leeming site offices. An update on progress will be given. Due to the extensive archaeology found along the route and additional power cables and utilities in the area, the scheme will now be completed by the end of the year. It is hoped to open the southern section in late summer (letter circulated at meeting).


Cheques for approval – list circulated at meeting It was RESOLVED to pay the following cheques presented for 2 signatures:

United Carlton Office Systems – Mar copier charge £30.00 Many Bookkeeping Services Apr Payroll £15.00 Yorkshire Local Councils Assoc – 2017-18 membership £750.00 Colburn Village Hall – office rental Apr-June £780.00 Meetings Jan-Mar £84.00 £864.00 Richmondshire DC – Allotment lease 1 Apr-30 June £87.50 Barnard Castle TC – Mayor’s tickets Charity Evening x 2 £50.00 Ripon City Council – Mayor’s tickets Charity Dinner Dance x 2 £90.00 Clerk’s salary Apr (+2.5 hrs) £515.82) Re-imbursements – mileage £8.25) £524.07 Deputy Clerk’s salary Apr (+2.5 hrs) £343.42 Robertson’s Garden Services – 13th Mar –7th Apr 4 weeks £1200.00 David Wood – machinery use £50.00 Hazard tape for goal mouth £9.52 Paint brushes, paint for bench £8.14 Bolts for bins £9.67 £1277.33 United Carlton Office Systems – Apr copier charge

12. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: MONDAY 15th May 2017 at 6 pm. This is the Annual Meeting followed by the regular meeting. Next monthly meeting Mon 19th June at 6.15 pm.

13. ANY OTHER BUSINESS (at the Chairman’s discretion) Cllr Sharma – reported on the Park Run project (Catterick sub-branch) to start on 2nd June, every Saturday at 9am. Cllr Dale –reported that the charity Afternoon Tea raised £3832 for the Jack Weaver fund. Northern Soul evening on 21st April at 7.30 pm in aid of the Jack Weaver fund. MacMillan Afternoon Tea on 29th April. Tombola items urgently required.

Closed private session (no public present) A discussion took place on the dangers of Social Media and how important it was for anyone making comments to ensure they were a private view and could not be interpreted as being connected to or the view of the Town Council. All councillors were volunteers giving up their time to work for their local community but it was a public position with an expectation of behaviour supporting “The Principles of Public Life”. Deputy Clerk to email to arrange meeting with the Chair as discussed above.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.10 pm.