Improvements continue to sheltered housing schemes, say council chiefs

Quaker Close, Reeth. Photo: Google.

Richmondshire District Council says it is continuing to improve and update its sheltered schemes, with £184,000 of projects due to be completed this month and another £242,000 already allocated for work next year.

In a long awaited scheme, two bedsits are being converted into one larger flat at one of the sheltered schemes.

“This has been a long-standing aspiration of the Council, however you need two neighbouring properties to fall vacant at once,” said Corporate Director, Colin Dales.

“But we managed to secure two sheltered housing schemes for these flats – the current work at Noels Court in Catterick and a second site at Quaker Close, Reeth, which will be converted next year along with another mobility scooter store.

“These projects take time to progress but they make better use of our stock – larger properties are more desirable, reduce empty properties and the associated income loss.”

The year’s work involves spending £29k on Noels Court; £105k at three other sheltered housing schemes to install new corridor fire doors; £18k on a new communal digital TV aerial at Oak Tree Court, Colburn; £9k on a new automatic front door at Queens Court, Richmond; and £23k on new communal decoration at Queens Court, Richmond.

Next year £60k has been allocated for a new passenger lift for Queens Court, Richmond; £58k for the Quaker Close, Reeth “2 into 1” project; £44k on the Quaker Close, Reeth scooter store project; and £80k at six sheltered housing sites to upgrade smoke alarms.