Increase in Covid-19 cases in Richmondshire

The number of people in Richmondshire testing positive for Covid-10 has increased in recent days, the latest figures show.

Official data shows the daily average number of confirmed cases has started to go up again.

After a high of more than 22 positive cases a day in the first half of November, the average fell to below six in the first week of December.

However, the number has crept up to around ten positive tests a day since then.

The average is likely to be further affected by a spike of 23 positive tests on December 13.

There have been a total of 1,130 positive tests in the district since the pandemic began.

Office for National Statistics figures show 57 people from Richmondshire have now died after testing positive for the virus since the start of the year.

This includes six people who died in hospital in November.

North Yorkshire County Council chief executive Richard Flinton said: “Although infection rates have been coming down in North Yorkshire they are beginning to rise again, alarmingly so, in some parts of the UK, so we have to remain vigilant and act with safety in mind.”

Mr Flinton said North Yorkshire had seen the first roll-out of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in five locations across the county last week, with six sites coming on stream this week.

“This is great news for all of us across the county, but this is a logistically complex operation to get up and running.

“People need two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, so all the people being vaccinated at the moment will be called back again in three weeks’ time for their second dose. So people must be patient and maintain their vigilance about being Covid-safe in the meantime.

“A big development will come when we manage to get the Oxford vaccine, which is much more useable, can be taken to more places and administered at greater speed and at that point the whole vaccination programme will really accelerate.

“Until then we must do everything we can to keep Covid infection rates down as our scientific experts warn us that another surge will only serve to hamper the vital vaccination programme.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but with a difficult few months to come first, we must brace ourselves. We will get through it together. We have achieved so much to support our communities these last few months and we must hang on to that strong performance.”




  1. I went out for a meal on Saturday night (2nd since this pandemic began) to a local restaurant in Town, when we arrived, everyone in there appeared to be following the COVID rules, wearing a face mask on arrival, wearing a mask when they left there tables etc..

    At around 20.00 a mini bus parked up outside and 10 young girls walked in, who all appeared to be quite drunk, we later found out that they were all from Bishop Auckland which apparently is a COVID Tier 3 area – Richmond Tier 2.

    The girls came into the restaurant some wearing, some not wearing face-coverings, they were walking around the restaurant not wearing face-masks, staff only intervened because people started to complain including our selves. The restaurant at the time was full.

    Question – why are local restaurants taking bookings or allowing people from higher tiers in to their restaurants and why are they not managing the wearing of face-coverings before people actually even step foot through the door… why are these establishments not checking identification prior to allowing entry, why are they allowing people to enter who are half cut and then allowing them to drink even more (just asking for trouble)…. this is simple straightforward management.. not only did it spoil people’s night but it also and more importantly put everyone dining in there at risk. It was absolutely Shocking and totally unacceptable. No wonder we are now seeing an increase in COVID.

    Won’t be dining in this particular Italian Restaurant anytime soon…

  2. Not good that the group weren’t all wearing face masks. But young girls going out to have a good time, now that’s terrible. As for tier crossing, it is happening up and down all the tiers. For heavens sake leave the holier than thou to the good Lord.

    • Nothing to do with holier than thou. People are dying, just in case you have not read about the 69 thousand deaths in the uk, not because of those who are abiding by the rules but because of those who do not. Young people will more than likely survive, but older adults may not. People are loosing their nans, mothers, fathers, partners and some children and young people. Rules are their to save lives. I wish people would waken up to the severity of this whole pandemic. It’s like they don’t care until they are at the funeral of someone THEY love or it might be them but they don’t get it. Disgusting behaviour whether you are 19 or 90 the rules are for a reason.!!

  3. I recently visited Richmond. The locals are very poor at following social distancing rules in shops and in the street. I witnessed several children running around Lidl not wearing a mask whilst their unconcerned mother looked on and took no action. Infection rates are bound to increase there soon.

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