Injured mountain biker airlifted to hospital

An injured mountain biker was airlifted to hospital after crashing in the Yorkshire Dales today.

Volunteers from Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team (SMRT) were called at Sunday lunchtime to rescue the cyclist following the incident.

The female rider had crashed on a steep, gravely slope in Apedale near Grinton.

Steve Clough, SMRT rescue controller, said: “Other riders initially took care of the rider and also summoned help from mountain rescue.

“Conditions were very poor at the time with snow flurries and strong winds.

“The first team member on scene was able to provide first aid for a suspected broken ankle and also provide more protection from the elements.

“A brief break in the snowfall allowed the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to land nearby.”

The casualty was stretchered to the Helimed which was able to take off before the next snow blizzard came in.

Steve added: “Big thanks to the fellow bike o provided great initial care and also to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

“We wish Cas a speedy recovery.”


  1. Why don’t people who want to do outdoor persuits, in February, in the Dale’s, look at the weather forcasts.

  2. Because they are idiots. Nothing matters and they don’t think of the consequences if something goes wrong and the cost. They all should have insurance to cover this type of thing.

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