Inspiring children’s adventure comes to Georgian Theatre

An inspiring children’s adventure that involves hunting yeti across the Himalayas will unfold on stage at Richmond’s Georgian Theatre Royal on Easter Saturday at 2pm.

Horace and the Yeti is aimed at children aged four and above, and as well as providing plenty of catchy music, funny songs and innovative puppetry, the production has a heart-warming message about protecting the natural world.

The story is based on an intrepid Victorian adventurer, Horace, who treks across the Himalayas hoping to find one of the legendary Abominable Snowmen.

His aim is to catch it, stuff it, and then take it back for the Queen and become famous.

But things change when Horace actually meets the Yeti, who turns out to be far from Abominable. Together they head off on a journey through the valley of Shangri-La, where mythical beasts live hidden from humanity.

As the drama progresses, Horace has to make a choice. Will it be personal glory or standing up for the natural environment and the animals within it?

Clare Allen, theatre manager, said: “The Georgian Theatre Royal has a strong tradition of hosting high-quality children’s drama and this lively production promises to be very exciting. The children will be thoroughly entertained but it will also be gently thought-provoking.”

Tickets cost £10 and are available from the Box Office on 01748 825252 or via the on-line booking service on