Internet scammers set up fake farmshop profile

The fake Facebook account.

Scammers have set up a fake Facebook profile for a Richmondshire farmshop and are telling followers they have won competitions.

Mainsgill Farmshop has warned people a new account launched recently has nothing to do with their business.

The account, called Mainsgill Farmshop Maratus, is sharing genuine Mainsgill posts, sending friend requests and telling users they have one competitions.

Mainsgill said in a statement: “It has been brought to our attention that someone has set up a fake account claiming to be us sending people friend requests and telling them they have won competitions – this is not Mainsgill

“Please can everyone report this page so we can get it taken down so that everyone is kept safe on Facebook.”

The company ash urged its followers not to accept friend requests from the profile.

“Mainsgill is a business account and therefore does not send friend requests – if you get a friend request it is not us.#

“Mainsgill will not tolerate this behaviour and we are doing our upmost to get it removed and stopped.”

Facebook users have reported receiving several friend requests from the fake account.

One person said: “I had one too. Reported, deleted and blocked.

“I was a little excited I’d won too.”