Isolating Richmondshire residents urged to take extra precautions with waste

Photo: Richmondshire District Council.

Richmondshire residents who are isolating due to coronavirus should take extra precautions when disposing of waste, council officials say.

All disposable cloths and tissues must be placed in a separate bag, which must in turn be placed in a second tied bag.

That bag should then be stored for at least 72 hours before being placed in the wheelie bin, unless a negative test result returns before then.

Householders are also asked to observe social distancing rules when collections are taking place and not come into close contact with the council teams.

“It is vital that social distancing is applied for our crews – they are out and about every day across the district and it is important that they are protected from this virus as much as is possible,” said corporate director, Colin Dales.

“We also ask people that are self isolating to follow the government guidelines for disposing of waste.

“Washing of bag, box and bin handles both before and after collections continues to be important too – all crews and trucks have hand sanitising facilities and our staff wear protective gloves, but they handle hundreds of bins every day so for safety extra washing is important.”


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  1. Having a coffee in Richmond, hardly anyone in cafe so easy to observe social distancing, we are local, but whilst sat in the cafe, watching buses to and from Darlington with lots of young people on, it’s 3ish, they have been to the pub, bus parks handily outside. So what’s the point if free movement from a higher tier to North Yorkshire on a daily basis, its bound to push our rate up!!

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