Issue of dog walker with nine unleashed dogs raised at council meeting


Middleham Town Council is now advertising for an additional councillor to be co-opted at the council’s meeting on Wednesday June 22.

At its meeting in May Cllr Sue Fairhurst was re-elected as chairman and Mayor of Middleham, and Cllr Honor Byford as vice-chairman and Deputy Mayor.

Council handyman. – The councillors felt that, whilst excellent work had been undertaken by volunteers on various tasks, the council might need a handyman because, on occasions, speed was essential and certain work required specific skills and tools.

The councillors will suggest suitable candidates for these tasks.

Off-leashed dogs. – Recent incidents of dogs off-leash on council land, in particular one individual with as many as nine, were discussed. This had led to faeces not being picked up.

It was pointed out that it was a legal requirement for a dog to have a collar and that the Bye Laws required dogs to be on leashes on the Moors between April 1 and July 31.

North Yorkshire County councillor Karin Sedgwick suggested consulting Richmondshire District Council’s dog team for guidance.

Direction signs. –  Cllr Fairhurst reported that she had reviewed the direction signs to amenities in the town and considered that they were generally adequate.

It was agreed that enlarged signs to the public toilets should be placed at both ends of the Richard III ginnel.

Playing fields. – Consent was granted to Middleham Sports and Community Wellbeing Association (MSCWA) to place a sign on the Plantations towards the Playing Fields subject to the council being shown the design beforehand.

The Association’s secretary, Richard Fletcher, reported that the storage shed was now complete and the dugout roof had been repaired. Construction of the new cricket nets would commence soon, and the cold frames in the community garden were now in place.

The councillors felt that someone with better equipment should refit the panels on the skate park.

Play areas. – It was reported that a successful and enjoyable opening day had been held on March 23. All external funding had been received and reporting obligations fulfilled. It was agreed to place plaques from funders near the new play equipment.

The meeting was told that no matters of concern had been reported following the inspection of the play areas.

Jubilee light. – It was agreed to purchase a suitable lantern and the total cost of £400 for supply and installation was approved. A contribution of 50 per cent towards this from a resident was gratefully received.

As the need to add to and also improve the existing benches in the town had been discussed, approval was given for shot blasting and powder-coating the two existing ones from Sam Duffus.

Road re-surfacing. – Cllr Byford reported that retexturing near Spigot Lodge had improved the grip for horses, although to a lesser extent than elsewhere.  As they remained acceptable there was no current need for further intervention.  She would confirm this with trainers in that locality.  Cllr Byford would also request costings from NYCC for works to be jointly paid for by trainers and Highways.

Events. – It was agreed to pay £350 for the coach hire for the seniors’ coach outing this year.

The arrangements for the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday were discussed and Mrs Thompson was thanked for replenishing the flower display at the Jubilee Fountain.

It was reported that the Stables Open Day on Good Friday had been well attended and efficiently organised. One pub licensee had suggested that temporary toilets should be provided in future as their own facility had been overused.

Racing Welfare is planning a meeting with voluntary groups to discuss the distribution of allocated funds.

Next meeting. – This will be at the Key Centre on Wednesday June 22.


  1. For accuracy, with regard to the retextured road surface near Spigot and the High Moor- Middleham Town Council does not consider the surface to be acceptable for horses. North Yorkshire Highways has tested the surface and found it meets their criteria for use by general traffic, therefore they do not propose any further treatment at the moment.

  2. I hope some of the money taken by Racing Welfare on the Stables Open Day on Good Friday will go back into Middleham to clean up the stable waste which people have to put up with in the Main Street all year round. Other wise it looks like this is all the people of Middleham are going to get out of the horses in Middleham.

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