It’s Pennine Way too cold for that – Three Peaks hikers encounter naked runner on Pen-y-Ghent

Whether he’d forgotten his kit or just enjoyed the feeling of the cold Dales air on his bare skin, a naked runner was a sight for sore feet for a group of women taking on the Yorkshire Three Peaks at the weekend.

The group of 20, all from the Richmond area, were nearing the end of their challenge on Saturday when they spotted a “beige-coloured man” approaching at speed on Pen-y-Ghent.

It was only when he got closer that they realised he was wearing nothing but his boots, socks and a watch.

The lack of pockets meant he was also holding his mobile phone!

As he ran passed the group, the man smiled and gestured up the path, telling the women “it was quiet up there”.

The Strong Women group was being led by personal trainer Mia Oldroyd.

She said: “We were 20 miles into our 25 mile adventure, tiredness was building and all of a sudden there was a beige-coloured man in the distance.

“We didn’t think anything of it until he got closer, and we quickly became more alert realising this this beige-coloured man was in fact completely naked — and coming towards us at speed.

“It troubled my friend Kate, who ordered us all to jump into the nearby bush away from the naked man.

“He seemed friendly enough, but it was a little strange. He wandered off into the cold distant darkness, with no headtorch and no clothing — he must’ve been freezing.

“Anyway, it gave us a good topic of conversation for the remaining five miles.”

Helen Newall, who was taking on the challenge with the group, added: “It was nearing sunset and pretty cold — he certainly wasn’t shy though.

“One of the girls pointed out that he couldn’t have done a lot of naked running judging by his white bum and legs.

“Another girl said she had been looking forward to her sausage casserole until that point!”


Although the man appeared to be enjoying his naked run, Steve Clough, incident controller for the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team, urged caution from anyone thinking of copying his behaviour.

“With winter approaching we’d advise walkers and runners visiting the Yorkshire Dales to wear the appropriate clothing for the conditions.”

The group completed the 25-mile challenge in 14 hours.


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